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Gain Customer Insight with Geospatial and Business Analytics

June 22, 2021, 2:00 pm EDT

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Every business event happens somewhere, from credit card transactions to pizza deliveries. That’s why geospatial data is essential for understanding relationships between people, places and things — but until now, the technology involved has been complex.

Automation has changed all that, enabling accurate, timely geospatial data to be blended and analyzed quickly. Watch Antoine Émond-Verreault from Korem as he demonstrates, with concrete examples in the areas of retail, banking and real estate. Learn how to:

  • Find relevant geospatial data to enrich enterprise information, for a 360° view of your customers
  • Keep your transactional data updated with automated feeds
  • Build forecast models for sales, maintenance, location-based scenarios



Antoine Émond-Verreault 

Account Manager

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