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Why geospatial projects fail?

The concept of geospatial and location intelligence is now well established and spread across a large number of industries.

However, we have found that the vast majority of organizations are not well-equipped to undertake this journey by themselves.

That leaves us with a too common situation, where technology and expertise are being dissociated.

But in the long run, this strategy creates a disconnect between software vendors and system integrators, leading to risky and lengthy decision and bolstering the general feeling that geospatial projects are expensive.

But what if there was a new way? A way that reduces risks and costs, while creating value for the organization?

The biggest challenge an organization faces with geospatial is NOT the technology. It’s the lack of expertise and available resources to create value out of it.

Korem’s Geospatial One-Stop Shop

Through our unique one-stop-shop experience, we drive the successful adoption of geospatial technology, while managing risk.

Korem's Strategic Consulting Services

Management Consulting

We provide business and technology perspectives to develop an innovative geospatial roadmap that will create value for your organization.

Korem's Contract Advisory Services

Contract Management

We give you access to the best geospatial providers for which we already have negotiated the best prices and contract terms.

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Data and Analytics

As the most diversified geospatial expert team in North America, we can bring your team quickly up-to-speed or extend your team’s capacity.

Korem's System Integration Services

System Integration

Whether you are looking at geospatial enablement or for fully customized application, we deliver on time, on budget and on target.

Korem's Managed Services

Managed Services

We complement your in-house IT operations to accelerate your time to value and maintain your geospatial solution in a cloud or hybrid environment.

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