Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée

St-Hubert Migrates Its Geolocation Solution to the Cloud With Korem


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The client

Known for its delicious roast chicken and tasty spareribs, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée has an online ordering platform that uses a geolocation service to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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The challenge

As part of its digital transformation, St-Hubert wanted to migrate from an on-premise geolocation solution to a Cloud-based solution.

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The solution

Korem recommended some Cloud-based geolocation solutions and assisted St-Hubert in its migration to the new platform selected. St-Hubert now has a 96% match rate on the web and no longer has performance issues.

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The client

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée has been operating in the food service industry since 1951. Over the years, St-Hubert has earned a top spot among consumers with their delicious roast chicken and spareribs. This success led the company to create a Retail division that manufactures and distributes many food products. There are now over 120 rotisseries in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, more than 100 of which are franchises. St-Hubert serves more than 31 million meals annually. In addition to their dine-in service, St-Hubert provides home delivery through its online ordering platform and a telephone ordering system.

The challenge

The Drawbacks of an on-Premise Geolocation Solution

At St-Hubert, geolocation is the starting point for the online and telephone ordering process, and also the start of the customer experience. The delivery address is used for all orders to ensure a pleasant and seamless customer experience. This includes presenting the right menu and prices, routing the order to the nearest rotisserie with the desired products, and delivering to the correct address within a reasonable time frame.

St-Hubert’s geolocation solution and all data were hosted internally. This resulted in increased maintenance efforts and expense and a reduction in the ability to maintain address databases. Facing these major issues with its on-premise solution, St-Hubert wanted to switch to a Cloud-based solution to reduce total cost, have continuously updated tools, foster innovation and better address elasticity of demand.

Given the range of geocoding solutions and available geospatial data providers, it became obvious that St-Hubert needed strategic advice to assess the options for modernizing and improving their geolocation.

St-Hubert attaches great importance to their choice of suppliers. They wanted to do business with a company that would not only understand their needs and give personalized recommendations, but would also become an extension of their team, providing the expertise required to help develop the platform.

"We are working closely with our partner to understand and master geolocation technology. We want to grow from this relationship; that’s the difference between a supplier and a partner.”
Éric Leboeuf
Senior Director of Business Technologies, Groupe St-Hubert Inc

The solution

A One-Stop-Shop Experience: The Expertise of Korem’s Teams

Korem was selected by St-Hubert to assist them in choosing a Cloud-based geolocation solution. After a needs assessment, several recommendations and scenarios were presented, and St-Hubert chose the Google Maps platform. The next step was to migrate the old geolocation platform to the new Cloud-based solution. Korem ensured that all the systems used by St-Hubert would synchronize and communicate properly with the Google Maps platform. Korem also created a background process for distributing orders to the right rotisserie.

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St-Hubert Uses These Korem services

Korem's Strategic Consulting Services

Management Consulting

We provide business and technology perspectives to develop an innovative geospatial roadmap that will create value for your organization.
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Korem's Contract Advisory Services

Contract Management

We give you access to the best geospatial providers for which we already have negotiated the best prices and contract terms.
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Korem's System Integration Services

System Integration

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The results

Improved Performance and Peace of Mind for St‑Hubert​

After migrating to the Cloud, there is practically no more maintenance to carry out. By changing solutions, St-Hubert increased its address match rate from 75% to 96%, which, among other things, sped up order processing time and reduced the burden on the call center.

St-Hubert no longer has performance issues; there may be fluctuations in order volumes without affecting the efficiency of the technology infrastructure. The new system was quickly put to the test: while all restaurants were closed during the spring 2020 pandemic, online orders increased by 30% and St-Hubert was able to absorb this additional volume without any problem. If they had not previously migrated to the Cloud, St-Hubert could not have managed the demand, from an operational, technological and human point of view. Today, the online order service is still a big hit with consumers and Korem continues to support St-Hubert to ensure that the geolocation system is operating properly.

“Not only do we know that our systems can work twice as hard, we know that Korem is monitoring our use of credit and is proactive in ensuring that we don’t have service interruptions or hefty bills to pay at the end of the month,” says Eric Leboeuf.

In Korem, St-Hubert found a reliable and multidisciplinary partner, offering a unique one-stop-shop experience, who can meet all its geospatial technology and data needs.