EP15 – Why Entity Resolution Is a Key Tool in Location Intelligence

In this episode of OnPoint with Korem, I sat down with Jeff Jonas, an entrepreneur and a former distinguished engineer with IBM who is now the founder and CEO of Senzing. Senzing is a company that does Entity Resolution. What’s entity resolution? Let’s say your favorite hotel chain has three different loyalty club account numbers for you. How do they know all three are just one person? Or the government is trying to prevent a known terrorist into the country and the watch list has a slight name variation that should resolve whether it’s the same person or not. Entity resolution then is recognizing when two observations relate to the same entity. So, how much of this uses geospatial technology…all of it. Does this sound a little boring…maybe, but Jeff is anything but boring. I promise you’ll learn something so let’s hear from Jeff in this episode of OnPoint with Korem.