Demographic Data

“I need a complete demographic data set for my GIS project.”

How to use demographic data?

Are you looking to target females between the ages of 25-34, living in an urban city center and earning more than $85,000 per year with a propensity to spend their disposable income on Louboutin shoes? Specific consumer demographic data that provides income, ethnicity, education attained, and household expenditures, for example, is required to make certain that you are targeting the right audience in the right location. This is an example of the comprehensive portfolio of demographic data products that are provided. Then, demographic data is combined with a variety of boundary file data types that match your level of geographic precision that you need for your project.

Precisely’s Demographic Data benefits

  • Demographics delivered with associated boundary data.
  • Full data methodology provided.
  • Comprehensive, global portfolio of demographic data available
“Are you always asking ‘where’ questions? Where are my best clients? Where should I expand my business? Where are my competitors? Precisely’s demographic data answers these questions and more.”

Scott DiGiacinto

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Scott DiGiacinto