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Benefit from a powerful location intelligence platform to better understand your customers, prospects, and trade areas.

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Turn data into actionable results

ENVISION is Environics Analytics’s location intelligence platform that helps companies understand their customers, prospects, and the dynamic landscape of today’s marketplace, anywhere in North America.

With this robust data and analytical tool, you can identify and analyze your best customers, and improve your targeted marketing campaigns at the local, regional, and national levels. You can also analyze your trade areas, identify potential business locations, and evaluate your strategy with all the metrics you require.

With ENVISION’s unlimited mapping, charting, and executive reporting, you can easily share your results by displaying them on dashboards or store them on microsites.


  • Pre-defined workflows for marketing insights
  • Automatic data updates for accurate analyses
  • Executive reports and charts
  • Authoritative data sources
  • Compatibility with desktops and tablets
Environics Envision platform

ENVISION mapping overview

Discover the workflows and powerful mapping capabilities of ENVISION.

Functionalities of ENVISION

Assess site locations and trade areas

Geocode and analyze trade areas and locate new site locations; then visualize your results with maps, charts, and reports.

Personify segmentation

Find who and where your best customers are located, and segment them according to your business needs from a wide variety of data, including annual income, language, values, lifestyle, and media preferences.

Improve your marketing strategy and targeting

Launch targeted and effective marketing campaigns based on the location of the most promising prospects and demand.

Share results and insights

Create stakeholder alignment with detailed reports and comprehensive charts. Share your results and insights across your organization through interactive dashboards and informative microsites.

Enrich your data for more informed decision-making

Combine your data with Environics’ 47 privacy-compliant and authoritative databases giving you access to more than 30,000 variables, including demographics, consumer behavior, lifestyles, and values.

ENVISION is an intuitive, interactive, and secure cloud-based user platform, so you’ll always have the latest data and analysis, whether on your tablet or desktop, to generate a deeper understanding of your consumers, prospects, and trade areas.

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