HERE Location Services

“I need web navigation services to guide my users to their destination.”

Benefits of HERE Location Services

The HERE Location Platform is the first of its kind. It’s global, powerful, flexible, and based on the world’s best map database. It provides some of the most robust mapping information on the planet with its wide range of features and functionality.

With the complete HERE Location Platform, you can speed up development, monitoring, and action on all screens in an array of native and non-native development environments. Create simple to advanced location experiences, client-side APIs, and REST services for web, mobile, automotive, and enterprise offerings, all with the same HERE data and software.

Available features


  • High-quality maps with out-of-the-box map interfaces features
  • Visualize truck attributes on a map


  • Plan routes and calculate ETAs
  • Optimize truck routes by avoiding roads that have legal truck restrictions
  • Turn by turn functionalities and voice guidance for each ride


  • Access historical and real-time traffic data
  • Enable traffic per hour of day, hour of departure, and arrival for precise ETA modelling
  • Receive alerts when traffic incidents happen


  • Improve telematic application with GPS road snapping feature to enrich GPS positioning with road attributes
  • Easily search for addresses or points of interest with the autocomplete function
  • Access a comprehensive place data set with 400 Places categories and over 260 attributes, such as names, addresses, opening hours, reviews, and ratings

Additional information

  • Available in Saas/DaaS (Data as a Service) mode;
  • Benefit from a pay as you go pricing model;
  • Access GIS functionalities without maintaining a GIS server;
  • Web and SDK tool allow mobile online and offline development;
  • Available in two APIs: JavaScript or web service (REST).
“Access this comprehensive and accurate road database in web service mode to power your web and mobile applications.”

Julien Lebrun

Geospatial Expert

Julien Lebrun

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Align your business data with desired outcomes

Enterprises make critical business decisions based on the geolocation of customers, assets, and events, so accurate geolocation and geocoding data are a necessity.

HERE geocoding data turns ordinary tabular records containing address information into geographic objects that can be displayed on a map for drivers, dispatch, managers, and anyone in the field who can access your dashboards. Once your records are run through a geocoding service, you can display them on most current standard mapping software or use them in industry-focused, spatially aware database management systems (DBMS).

Accurate location information

HERE geocoding packages and geocoding GIS services are running behind the scenes in many of today’s leading mapping and records management tools. Some of the more common uses for the geocoding data we provide include:

  • Address parsing, cleansing, and standardization;
  • Appending a coordinate to your records;
  • CASS-certifying your records;
  • Making your data mappable;
  • Layering real-time weather forecasts or emergency alerts over geographical data and maps.

Geocoding data blends art and science to help parse and utilize longitude and latitude values to improve existing tabular records, supporting a wide range of functions. Visualization of your mapping and other data allows you and your team to query, find, analyze, and make decisions as needed.

HERE Geocoding functionalities

Address Formats Recognition

The HERE Geocoder string analyzer understands the differences in address formats between countries and the output includes localized address labels. It supports multiple languages and writing scripts. It includes many advanced options, like result scoring and spatial filters, as well as the inclusion of additional data within the results — e.g., postal code shapes, cross- streets, or administrative IDs.

Extensive Coverage

Premium coverage includes house number level data in more than 90 countries. In these countries, you get accurate results with continuously updated automotive-grade maps, precision right to the doorstep with Point Addressing for 270 million addresses in 65 countries, and address range-based interpolation and extrapolation everywhere else. The geocoder also includes selected street-level coverage for over 40 countries, and selected city-level coverage for the remaining countries and territories.

Batch Geocoding

Batch geocoding allows you to upload multiple addresses in a single file for geocoding. One transaction equals the number of geocoding requests made within a batch geocoding request.

Reverse Geocoding

HERE geocoding tools also support reverse geocoding — that is, the process of taking a set of geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) obtained, for example, from the GPS on the user’s device or via a click on the map, and providing a textual description of the position in return. Reverse geocoding answers the question, “Where am I?” and is used when tracking and managing mobile assets such as vehicles, freight, or workforce.

The HERE location platform’s reverse geocoding results include the closest street addresses or area information, according to the geographic coordinates, location, and underlying map data. The results are ranked by proximity to the input location or to a single area.

Get more location insights with POI attributes.

HERE Places contains:

  • More than 149 million places available across 195 countries globally;
  • 400 places categories with over 260 attributes, such as name, address, opening hours, reviews, and ratings;
  • Available in ESRI SHP file and MapInfo TAB file formats.