Master Location Data (MLD)

“I want to be able to use the best source of address point data to increase my geocoding accuracy.”

What is Precisely’s Master Location Data?

Precisely’s Master Location Data (MLD) is an address point geocoding dataset. It is a near-complete address list for the United States paired with the best available location coordinates for every address. And, it contains a unique and persistent identifier that is used to quickly unlock additional value-added data. By pre-processing a variety of street data, address data and other reference inputs, like postal delivery information, the resulting MLD geocoding dataset goes a long way toward eliminating any guessing that the geocoding software might require.

Benefits of MLD

  • Achieve high match rates across both structured and unstructured data using our advanced algorithms that match data to the correct address along with up-to-date geocoding data.
  • MLD addresses are linked to a unique, 12-digit character set called PreciselyID. This unique and persistent identifier simplifies address management and geoenrichment across multiple systems.
  • MLD chooses the "golden point" or most accurate coordinate for every mailable or non-mailable address in the U.S.

Key functionalities

  • Constantly updated and refreshed with new data.
  • Used most effectively as a reference database for address lookup and geocoding.

How to overcome insurance challenges with accurate geocoding

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“Network analyzes are very useful for determining relationships in the data. From an operational point of view, optimizing a delivery sequence can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road or deliver more goods in a given time. In terms of analysis, performing a 'drive time polygon' allows to define more precisely market areas based on the distance a typical customer is willing to travel to get to a store.”

Scott DiGiacinto

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Scott DiGiacinto