Master Location Data (MLD)

Benefit from the best source of address point data to increase your geocoding accuracy and integrate location information into your enterprise applications.

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Gain competitive advantage from an address point geocoding dataset

Precisely’s Master Location Data (MLD) is an address point geocoding dataset. It is a near-complete address list for the United States paired with the best available and accurate location coordinates for every address.

It contains a unique and persistent identifier that is used to quickly unlock additional value-added data. By pre-processing a variety of street, address, and other reference data, such as postal delivery information, MLD’s hyper-accurate geocoding dataset goes a long way toward enhancing any existing geocoding software in use.

Perform network analyses with MLD

Network analyses are useful for determining relationships within data. From an operational point of view, optimizing delivery schedules can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road and deliver more goods in each time window. In addition, the ability to create “drive time polygons” will more precisely define market areas based on the distance a typical customer is willing to travel to a store.

Benefits and functionalities of MLD


  • Continually updated and refreshed with new data.
  • MLD addresses are linked to a unique, 12-digit character set called the PreciselyID. This unique and persistent identifier simplifies address management and geoenrichment across multiple systems.
  • MLD chooses the “golden point” or most accurate coordinate for every mailable or non-mailable address in the U.S.
  • Used most effectively as a reference database for address lookup and geocoding.

Key functionalities

  • Achieve high match rates across both structured and unstructured data using our advanced algorithms that match data to the correct address with up-to-date geocoding data.
  • Validate, cleanse, and standardize address data across data sources to reduce time to value, time-consuming exceptions, and false positives.

Enrich your addresses for data-driven strategies

With Spectrum Global Geocoding, Master Location Data, and the PreciselyID, it is now easier to enrich addresses with thousands of verified attributes, ensuring reliable data and improving your business strategies. No need for advanced spatial expertise with this enterprise-ready solution that will help you monitor risks, reveal actionable insights, and identify business opportunities.

Benefits of the PreciselyID

Precisely’s unique and persistent identifier for address points provides a powerful advantage for companies that want to harness location intelligence and need to do so with confidence.

PreciselyID eliminates ambiguity and guarantees a level of continuity and consistency over time in the relationship between addresses and geographic coordinates. It also ensures that the attributes related to a specific location are quickly and easily accessible without requiring significant processing time.

You can:

  • Simplify data exchange between different applications.
  • Protect personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Manage and organize data, and provide greater context to data.
  • Analyze an address from multiple angles and eliminate tedious spatial processing.

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