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Woosmap offers advanced mapping and geolocation solutions, all in one platform. Create your own deployment environment and get an API key for each of your projects.

What’s included in Woosmap free account?

Each of the following API is available:

  • Store locator
  • Geofencing SDK
  • Woosmap indoor
  • Connectors
  • Address finder
  • Geocoding
  • Store search
  • Automatic geolocation
  • Map 
  • Distance

*Localities API on UK addresses are not available in the trial.

How long does the account trial last?

No end date! Enjoy your free Woosmap account as long as you want. Every month, you can use up to 40k credits without additional cost.

Why should you buy Woosmap from Korem?

As a trusted Woosmap reseller, Korem offers a vast experience in geospatial technology and an in-depth knowledge of customer challenges, combined with Woosmap innovative solutions. Together, we strive to find new opportunities to generate value for your business. 

  • Technical support: Our team is here to assist you at every step of your Woosmap journey.

  • Geospatial strategy: As geospatial experts, we can help you develop a sustainable geospatial strategy for your entire organization, enabling you to achieve your business objectives faster and more efficiently.


Korem Announces Strategic Partnership with Woosmap

Korem proudly announces a strategic partnership with Woosmap, the innovative mapping and geolocation technology company. This partnership represents a significant milestone for Woosmap, as it seeks to expand its presence in North America, enabling Korem to resell Woosmap’s solutions to this new market.

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