Advanced mapping and geolocation solutions, all in one platform. Woosmap offers a unique combination of privacy-first geolocation APIs and SDKs, based on its own data sourcing.

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Woosmap is the “Near me” expert


  • Search the world and your data
  • Validate your address
  • Automatic geolocation
  • Geocoding  


  • Calculate distance matrix
  • Calculate estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Real-time, historical/predictive traffic 


  • Crystal clear maps
  • Indoor maps
  • Mobile-optimized loading


  • Store locator
  • Geofencing
  • Indoor way finding 


Enhance conversion rates, optimize logistics, improve customer experiences and more with Woosmap innovative solutions.


Elevate your apps and websites using Woosmap ready-to-use APIs and SDKs.

Benefits of Woosmap platform

  • Worldwide coverage and very accurate data
  • Ready-to-use and/or fully customizable tools 
  • Strong privacy-first approach, prioritizing your end user’s peace of mind
  • Create and manage your projects independently and easily analyze user behavior
  • High-quality products without additional costs 


Woosmap’s offerings can be customized to meet specific business needs, while staying within your budget. It’s an excellent alternative to more expensive maps and business solutions.

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Woosmap Store Locator

Boost foot traffic and in-store demand by swiftly showcasing the closest stores, offices, or pick-up points. 


  • Benefit from highly customizable rendering (colors, logo, icons, font, points of interest,…)
  • Efficiently map thousands of points with seamless rendering 
  • Address Autocomplete: reduce the number of clicks and ease the search experience
  • Detect user’s position automatically
  • Automatically display nearby local points of sale with real-time opening hours (and other information like contact, photos, etc.) 
  • Driving directions within your website interface 
  • Refine your search with unlimited filters

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Enhance conversion rates, optimize logistics, improve customer experiences and more with Woosmap.
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