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A Single View of a Location: Using Data as a Service for Location Intelligence

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Real Estate managers, whether retail, industrial, commercial, or residential, need a “single view” of properties to better understand their investment potential. For example, whether you are scoping the site for a new brick and mortar outlet, expanding a warehouse facility, or understanding how workers are returning to the urban office spaces in a post-pandemic environment, a comprehensive solution for analyzing and visualizing information is essential. And as professional real estate professionals know, location data is a significant component of this effort.

Many business analysts, however, are challenged by a lack of data sharing throughout the enterprise; an inability to curate and aggregate data from multiple, trusted sources; or difficulty maintaining data product licenses, not to mention a lack of experience in using location-based data. And today, with the availability of very accurate vehicle and pedestrian mobility data, while excellent resources, tend to be extremely “heavy” in terms of volume and variability.

With this in mind, users find they need a team of experts that can craft a solution that gives them that “single view” they desperately want and in a more user-friendly tool.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • The geospatial data necessary for a single view (demographics, footfall, expenditures, etc.)
  • The options for developing a user-friendly dashboard for real estate properties
  • The options for managed services and data contract management that perform the heavy lifting that users prefer not to manage themselves.


Antoine Émond-Verreault 

Account Manager

Scott DiGiacinto 

Enterprise Geospatial Expert