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How to Target, Identify and Pre-Qualify Wireless Customers With Location Intelligence

Geospatial for Telecommunications

Mobile wireless data traffic in the US hit another record high in 2020, topping 42 trillion megabytes. That represents a 208% increase since 2016, according to industry trade group CTIA. As a result, mobile network operators (MNOs) are prioritizing network densification, which will increase the capacity of their networks, helping them deliver the consistent, reliable and speedy service that 5G has promised. In addition, the new infrastructure law recently passed by the US Congress has allocated $65 billion for broadband access, especially in underserved areas.

However, funding and planning broadband deployments is just the first step. Now the objective is to prioritize network deployments (pre-provisioning) and target existing or prospective customers who could benefit from the new services. For this to be successful, large-scale pre-qualification of known and potential customer locations is required so that targeted marketing can be executed efficiently. In this webinar we will discuss fully or semi-automated pre-qualification steps to confirm customers’ eligibility for a specific service or product.

We will demonstrate a step-by-step process that includes:

  • Pre-provisioning – where the equipment is already installed
  • Adding equipment on premises for existing clients, such as installing an antenna to boost the signal
  • Post-provisioning where adding antennas for a new business customer is required or where the network capacity could be exceeded.

This includes a comparison between different products, such as fiber vs fixed wireless.

In this webinar, you will learn how to…

  • Prioritize network deployments (pre-provisioning)
  • Target existing or prospective customers who may benefit from the new service
  • Perform large-scale pre-qualification of known customer locations


Saad Lahrech 

Enterprise Account Manager

Louis Roy 

System Architect

Alan Breznick 

Cable/Video Practice Leader

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