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Optimize Supply Chain Logistics with Traffic Analytics for both Middle and Last-Mile Delivery

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Commercial vehicles face a variety of regulations and transportation route limitations based on size and local road restrictions. Real-time traffic data is essential to deliver information about local construction, popular tourist events, and weather to re-route vehicles efficiently.

Immediate access to traffic data is increasing, especially as the demand for narrower time windows and improved customer service is required by fleet managers for both long-haul and last-mile delivery.

This will require a data-centric approach that involves accurate, timely, and feature-rich road as well as traffic data that supports heterogenous fleets.

Using historical traffic data enables fleet managers to make the transportation planning process as economical as possible by calculating the best routes in the least amount of time and the shortest distance traveled, thus reducing delivery time, costs, and your carbon footprint.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The value of high-definition digital street network and traffic data for fleet management.
  • How to reduce the cost of data licensing and total cost of data asset ownership.
  • How to select the right geospatial data products to perform traffic analysis and integrate location-based data for fleet operations.
  • How to perform advanced analytics for cloud data warehouses.


Yan Trudeau 

Partner Development Manager

Alexander Osaki 

Portfolio Marketing Manager Transport and Logistics Applications at HERE Technologies

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