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Retail Site Modeling Using Hyperlocal Analytics

October 13, 2021, 2:00 pm EDT

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Methods of accurately defining trade areas and predicting sales for retail real estate have vastly improved since the early days of using historical demographical data and desktop mapping technology. In this virtual series, we’ll take a data-driven approach to examine the most pressing needs of the real estate analyst. Because of the extraordinarily rapid pace of change taking place today, we must adapt to the increased complexity of location analytics. This includes the use of more dynamic, real-time information like footfall and vehicle traffic to understand what’s taking place at street level.

Join Korem’s team of experts to learn:

  • How to be more autonomous and agile in developing business workflows
  • How to leverage new hyperlocal datasets to get an edge over your competitors
  • How to use advanced geospatial models for predictive sales analysis
  • How to develop workflows utilizing both data integration and BI tools


Mike Nadeau 

Enterprise Account Manager

Mathieu Nicolet 

Statistician - Data Analyst

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