MapInfo Pro V.2019.3 as the Go-To Version

MapInfo Pro V.2019.3 as the Go-To Version

PRECISELY MAPINFO ANNOUNCEMENT – Following the acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software and Data business in 2019, Syncsort unveiled a new name and brand identity: Precisely. Since then, the product branding line has evolved to represent their new strategy, accelerating leadership in data integrity.

Effective December 1, 2020, Korem will no longer sell versions of MapInfo software older than MapInfo Pro v.2019.3 (released on October 28, 2020). MapInfo Pro v.2019.3 will be the only available version for purchase.

If you are an existing customer and using older versions of MapInfo Pro, we will still be able to:

  • Re-activate license keys for older versions of the software
  • Add new seats to existing deployments of MapInfo Pro older than v2019.3

Additionally, note that customers who are currently under maintenance, will have a seamless migration path to MapInfo Pro v.2019.3.

If you are planning to upgrade your license, Korem can help and guide you through the process. You can start by downloading your free trial today. Precisely has made significant changes in recent versions of MapInfo to make the software application more robust, easy to use and responsive to user needs.

In April of this year, Korem was named Precisely’s Master Distributor in Canada, which includes directly managing its location intelligence, MapInfo and data business in Canada. Through our unique one-stop-shop experience, we drive the successful adoption of geospatial technology, while managing risk.

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