(Parcel, School, Postal, Telephone, Neighborhood, etc.)

Your goal:

“I want to enrich my existing data with ready-to-use vector cut-outs.”

Our solution:

  • Postcode and Political Administrative Boundaries for 250 countries and territories.
  • Integrate Designated Market Areas (DMAs), municipal boundaries, neighborhoods, residential areas, commercial boundaries, school zones and parcels with existing data.
  • Curation of the best available coverage in each country with regular data updates.
“Precisely Boundaries offer a comprehensive and complementary level of analysis and are the best source data for all geographic aspects.”

Scott DiGiacinto

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Scott DiGiacinto

How to use boundary data

Boundary files provide the foundation for most mapping and GIS projects. Political, administrative and postal code boundaries, for example, provide context, along with other data such as street network data or points of interest. Boundary files may also include additional information such as the area of the boundary, its population, average income, or household composition. When used with a desktop mapping software solution, users can create thematic maps such as sales by ZIP code or population by Census Tract.

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