Precisely Points of Interest

Expand your market analysis with a better understanding of local businesses, key landmarks as well as competitors.

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Access millions of points of interest around the world

Precisely Points of Interest (POI) data portfolio includes 174 million POIs providing a comprehensive view of businesses, recreational facilities, landmarks, and geographic features in over 170 countries and territories worldwide. With the product World Points of Interest, you could even reach a coverage of over 250 million POIs, more than 27 million of which are located in the U.S.

By accessing millions of POIs, you can expand your analysis with a rich classification that identifies the diversity of local businesses, as well as locate and identify your existing competitors in each market.

Ensure accurate delivery of your messages and services to specific locations with point of interest geofences, built from high-quality geocodes, that delineate the extent of stores, locations, and other commercial properties.

Benefits and functionalities of Precisely Points of Interest


  • Multi-sourced to provide accurate location.
  • Classified into over 19,000 categories and industries and organized hierarchically for overall consistency and ease of use.
  • Accurately located and geocoded with Precisely’s Spectrum Global Geocoding.
  • Cross-referenced to determine relationships and provide detailed information.



  • Make informed decisions about risk analysis, access to services, and retail or leisure facilities.
  • Rethink the sizing of your store network and determine which location is the best to grow your business.
  • Develop location-based marketing strategies and conduct “find the nearest” searches.
  • Enrich your applications, business processes, and workflows.

Why verified and updated POI are important

The business environment is constantly changing, hence the importance of purchasing reliable and daily updated datasets to avoid making business decisions based on incorrect or outdated information.

For example, every minute:

  • 271 businesses relocate
  • 1,274 business phone numbers change or are disconnected
  • 1,411 businesses are sued, lien, or judged
  • 673 new businesses are created
  • 12 businesses file for bankruptcy
  • 767 changes of CEO or owner occur


Every year:

  • 2% of all addresses change
  • 11% of phone numbers change
  • 7% of CEOs change


Source: Precisely

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