Points of Interest

“I want to locate and identify my existing competitors in all my markets.”

How to use POI data?

Precisely’s Points of Interest (POI) data portfolio delivers a comprehensive view of businesses, landmarks and features around the world. Valuable insight can be applied to making site selection decisions, for example, to understand their risk profile, access to services or recreation facilities. Make the best decision related to sizing your network of store locations and develop location-based marketing plans. And “find my nearest” searches are easy to execute. Enrich your applications, business processes, and workflows with millions of global retail businesses, recreation areas, neighborhood place names, and much more.

Precisely’s Points of Interest benefits

  • A comprehensive database of 174 million points of interest (POIs) from over 175 countries.
  • Businesses that are classified from across multiple industries.
  • POIs that are accurately located using Precisely’s industry-leading global geocoding solution.
“Discover, in just a few clicks, the existing shops and attractions in a downtown business district and quickly determine if this is the best location for your business.”

Simon Lavergne

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Simon Lavergne