HERE Traffic Data

“I want to understand traffic patterns so that my fleet can get to a destination in the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way.”

Predict traffic by analyzing historical traffic data

Every traffic-related delay costs your company money or could put your citizens in danger when it slows the delivery of emergency services. Plus, sitting in traffic makes drivers and other staff more frustrated, tired, and stressed, which can have a negative impact on your operational efficiency.

HERE Traffic is a database with traffic message channel data that aims to reduce and resolve delays, helping your team get to their destination in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. Its road traffic pattern data reviews the average speed values for a typical day and provides complete projections on drive times based on trillions of data points gathered from multiple-year vehicle speed observations, including GPS probe data records.

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Key HERE Traffic features

HERE TMC maps data can deliver a wide range of data and features to allow your operations to generate large-scale reviews and granular per-trip insight and focus on time efficiency as you review recent shipments. Generating traffic-aware estimates and routing via TMC data is designed to save your company on every trip.

Some important aspects of the HERE Traffic Patterns data and TMC maps include:

  • Traffic-aware routing for every day of the week, optimized for trips starting in 15-minute or 60-minute increments;
  • Availability in two variations, geo-referenced to the following features: Traffic Message Channel (TMC) location codes and Link IDs;
  • Reference to local time so your dispatch and drivers can avoid traffic for long haul shipments;
  • Speed values in both KMPH and MPH, drilling down to 1 KMPH/MPH increments for map data;
  • Availability in Esri Shapefile, MapInfo TAB, and Oracle ODF file formats;
  • A holiday appendix, providing guidance for those unusual traffic days and spikes, helping you avoid congestion when even the alternative route to the airport gets clogged.

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Trust HERE Traffic data for efficient logistics planning

Accurate travel times

Get more accurate travel times based on realistic, historical traffic speeds, allowing your dispatch and navigational systems to improve trip time estimates based on likely traffic conditions.

Beat the traffic

Avoid roads at times when they are typically congested, thereby producing more accurate route planning throughout the day, with the ability to adjust and suggest alternatives when integrated with real-time traffic data modules.

Reliable navigation system

Integrate the data into your in-vehicle location-based service navigation and mobile asset management applications to assist with standard and non-standard vehicle movements that would benefit from traffic patterns data.

“HERE Traffic data is a powerful tool for companies that are looking to understand sales performance, improve competitive intelligence, and understand consumer behavior.”

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

Vice President

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte


While full-coverage traffic data helps improve in all markets, it is particularly beneficial in countries and cities with little or no Traffic Message Channel (TMC) coverage, thanks to its support and inclusion of a variety of alternative data sets and relational consolidation with Link IDs.

Countries and cities with little or no Traffic Message Channel coverage are missing valuable traffic information on non-TMC-coded roads, so by looking outside of that data, we can still provide detailed analysis. For example, full-coverage Traffic Patterns enables traffic information within a city center, whereas TMC-coded Traffic Patterns would assume free-flow conditions in this area.

This methodology provides more granular information for each road segment (“link”), ensuring that the routes provided are less stop-and-go and, therefore, less stressful.

HERE Traffic API provides link-based coverage on all roads in its maps — not just on roads that are TMC-coded. This is done by using multiple information sources and the ability to georeference data to Link IDs.

Link-based coverage allows for the detection of traffic conditions that might be aggregated in the TMC-based coverage model. Hence, greater coverage results in better routes and more accurate travel times by providing you with the best understanding of the information.

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