Geospatial for financial services

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Use geospatial data to understand your consumer and improve their customer experience.

Geospatial for financial services

Here’s how we support financial institutions in their digital transformation:

Market research

Knowing your customers and their habits is essential, even paramount.

With geospatial solutions you can discover potential new markets and accelerate your conversion rates by enriching your information with demographic, segmentation and socio-economic background data.

Find answers to questions you’ve always asked yourself: Where are my best customers? Where can I find markets with similar conditions? How far are customers willing to travel to shop?

Real estate operations

As the owner of a financial institution, to make better decisions you need to regularly monitor market-influencing variables.

With geospatial solutions, you can keep an eye on the performance indicators that apply to your organization’s activities, compare results with similar competitors in the same segment and identify gaps and redundancies in your networks.

Adapt your exit strategies and identify branches that should be closed: when the market is changing, geospatial solutions can help you.


Banks are required to assess their level of compliance with ever-changing standards such as ARC, KYC, AML and others.

With geospatial solutions, visualize non-obvious relationships, decide how to use that data at every stage of the compliance cycle, and mitigate risk without disrupting bank profitability.

Avoid paying for non-compliance: Make sure you meet all mandatory standards.

Single view of client

Understanding a customer’s preferences is a function that influences several departments at a financial institution. Poor quality data can make the job even more difficult.

With geospatial solutions, extract customer data from different systems, clean it up and enrich it with more than 1,000 variables that match geographic, demographic, and financial data.

Make your operations more efficient and customer-centric: Broaden your understanding of the customer and share your discoveries with your entire organization.


As a financial services provider, you need up-to-date data that is comprehensive and consistent.

By providing this data, geospatial solutions optimize your productivity when preparing commercial or residential mortgage loans.

Evaluate the true value of all the properties you manage more accurately: measure sales, land value, historical transactions, and potential risks associated with that location.

Fraud detection

To protect your organization and your customers, it is essential to have a fraud detection system.

Geospatial solutions identify patterns of behavior that detect remote values and add additional data sources to define potentially fraudulent clusters.

Connect accounts, people and transactions to detect suspicious activity: Help prevent malicious practices and protect your organization from the economic consequences of fraud.

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