Geospatial for public services

Greater peace of mind, even in emergencies.

Geospatial solutions provide you with the accurate information you need to respond as effectively as possible.

Geospatial for public services

Here’s how we support public services in their digital transformation:

Network Planning

Geospatial solutions provide insights into geographic considerations specific to network planning and construction.

Guarantee the development of faster, more efficient and more cost-effective technical plans and specifications: Respect rights of way and various North American standards and regulations for public services.

Asset Management

Geospatial solutions are the most effective platform for documenting the location of assets, the timing of their construction, their current status and how they are connected.

Manage critical environmental and human factors such as the impact of vegetation, weather, and economic variables.

Mobile Workforce Management

Geospatial solutions enable mobile workers to access the same information as an analyst at the office and reduce fuel costs by optimizing the vehicle fleet performance.

Maximize the efficiency of the mobile workforce with the best route:
Get out there quickly to respond to emergencies with the right skills and equipment to do the job.

Smart Grid

With our geospatial solutions, combine consumption data from smart metering and billing data, and identify trends in the usage and capacity of public services.

Offer the best pricing and service options, and take advantage of predictive analytics to anticipate outages, determine their cause, and reduce network downtime.

Outage Management

Geospatial solutions make it possible to use communication methods such as text messages and social media to ensure that customers impacted by a service interruption are informed with up-to-date information on outages.

By connecting to operational systems, such as SCADA, react faster during service interruptions so you can meet the needs of your customers.

Emergency Response

Geospatial solutions integrated with the control center provide a general overview of the situation so you can make informed decisions.

Improve your organization’s collaboration, coordination, and response times: A consolidated dashboard gives you a real-time view of alerts, weather conditions, incidents, disasters, and other emergency-related information.

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“Our utilities customers experienced a 50% reduction in labor and fuel costs by increasing their location data accuracy”

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

Vice President

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

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