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Get specific information on your store’s location viability and forecast traffic to optimize site performance and fleet.  

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Understand the traffic near your business 


Compare traffic between points of sale, or between you and competitors’ location, and correlate traffic period with sales. 

With HERE traffic data, you get a complete understanding of your consumers’ behavior at a hyper-local level. 


Use traffic count to: 

1. Improve your competitive intelligence   

2. Analyze site prices and performance  

3. Forecast sales growth or decline

4. Anticipate population and customer migration 


Predict traffic by analyzing historical traffic data 

Understand traffic patterns so that your fleet can get to a destination in the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way. 

HERE historical traffic data provides the average speed value for a typical day and gives complete projections on drive times for every road in HERE Map database. 


Use traffic count and speed to:  

 1. Facilitate logistics planning and increase operational efficiency  

2. Reduce the cost of traffic-related delays

3. Reduce the stress and increase driver safety for your staff on the road 


What’s included in the HERE Traffic data sample

Vehicular traffic data file (Ramsey County sample), including: 

  • Traffic count: analyze the number of vehicles driving near a business

  • Traffic speed: measure the speed of vehicles on the road, to optimize route planning

  • Documentation provided within the data package delivered 

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Want to get more? 

Download HERE Map data sample to be able to link and visualize on a map: 

  • Link_ID 
  • Speed limits: calculate travel times and optimize route planning.
  • Street names: obtain street names or other attributes such as street type and directions for all segments.
  • Functional class: help to identify the type of road segment. It is required to prevent the routing engine to use highways, for instance.
  • … and many other attributes

Documentation provided within the data package delivered. 

With HERE traffic data and Korem’s expertise, access the most powerful traffic information tool on the market. 

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Benefit from the widest data coverage on the market

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Richness and details

Gather detailed information for well informed decision-making.

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Integrated data at all relevant levels of your business

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For years, the retail industry has relied on Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), but that data source has lived passed its usefulness. The new standard for today and the future is using Detailed Historical Traffic (DHT). It leverages a more timely, more accurate, and higher frequency source: probe data.