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Get a cloud-native platform to enrich your data and enhance your geospatial analysis.

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Transform your data into actionable results

Enhance your geospatial analysis with the cloud-native CARTO Platform, transforming location data into actionable business results. Using CARTO’s infrastructure and technology libraries, you’ll be able to focus on your web or mobile application in four simple steps:

1. Cloud connectivity and integrations

Seamlessly connect and integrate your data with the leading cloud data platforms and analytics tools, such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks. CARTO Platform can convert to your needs, depending on whether you are looking for a SaaS solution, a private or public cloud, or standalone hosting.

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2. Data enrichment

Enrich your data and enhance your geospatial analysis with Korem’s vast data portfolio, including demographics, POIs, mobility data, street data, consumer data, etc. Purchasing geospatial data is not easy and just offering it up in a data marketplace doesn’t make it more convenient. Fortunately, Korem can help you buy smart.

3. Geospatial analysis

CARTO’s geocoding, routing, isolines, and base maps help you speed up your processes, whether you’re performing location-based analytics or creating spatial models based on machine learning.

4. Solutions and visualization

Visualization is more than just pretty maps, it’s about answering business questions about site selection, network planning, or supply chain optimization. With CARTO, you can quickly create intuitive location intelligence applications or use one of the application templates.

Benefits and functionalities of the CARTO Platform


  • Deploy in the environment of your choice.
  • Leverage SQL API to manage all your data from a single source.
  • Access various Web services, such as driving regions and geocoding directly from the mapping console.
  • Support multiple geospatial formats.
  • Access data science models specific to the geospatial industry.

Top functionalities

  • Enrich your maps with Korem’s data portfolio to get new dimensions for your analyses and speed them up.
  • Accelerate your geospatial analysis.
  • Solve geospatial problems using CARTO’s analysis.
  • Understand where and why things happen.
  • Optimize business processes.
  • Predict future outcomes.

Access a wide variety of datasets for multiple
geospatial use cases

Real Estate

  • Client engagement
  • Investment analysis
  • Geomarketing
  • Twin area and white space analysis
  • Indoor mapping




  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Sales and service territory management
  • EV infrastructure rollout
  • Churn reduction

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