Geospatial for telecommunications

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Geospatial for telecommunications

Here's how we support telecom companies in their digital transformation:

Real Estate

To expand their service area and grow their customer base, telecommunications service providers need to open more stores.

When you choose geospatial solutions, you can manage the establishment of new stores and track new subscriptions, cancellations and market trends in each of your store’s sales areas.

Evaluate marketing strategy effectiveness and monitor the competition.

Field Team Management

Since technologies are constantly being renewed, telecommunications service providers need to continually improve their network maintenance efficiency.

With geospatial solutions, deploy preventative maintenance strategies where needed and assign repair personnel to strategic locations.

Maximize the performance of your vehicle fleet and mobile workforce, keeping traffic conditions in mind: Optimize your work assignment strategy, save time and save money.

Network Management

Telecommunications service providers have to innovate constantly to maintain and improve their position in the industry.

Geospatial solutions accelerate the deployment of next generation 5G and fiber-optic networks by defining the most cost-effective areas, thereby optimizing the use of planned budget investments.

Make competitive improvements to your network: visualize, analyze, and monitor the networks based on performance indicators, and determine, for example, where call abandon occurs most often.

Service Qualification

In a constantly changing and highly competitive environment, telecommunication service providers must respond to customers in a timely manner.

With geospatial solutions, quickly determine the availability of a service based on a potential customer’s address and provide a quote faster than the competition.

In other words, choose geospatial solutions and increase your income in general.

Emergency Management

Geospatial solutions identify natural and human threats in real time and instantly detect compromised service areas.

Use real-time data from external sources, such as official weather agencies, government alerts, and social media feeds.

Plan your responses accordingly: Minimize customer outages, response costs, and improve overall network resiliency.

Verified Coverage Map

For years, wireless service providers have produced coverage maps that showcase the strength and competitiveness of their network.

Geospatial solutions stand out by introducing real-time coverage maps confirmed by the customers.

Get a more complete and accurate picture of customer experience: Reduce subscriber drop-off and increase customer satisfaction (NPS).

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"After price, the main reasons for choosing a mobile operator are network quality and network coverage."

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