Property Attributes

Get deeper analysis and insights about a location with more than 190 property attributes, including property assessment data.

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The most comprehensive coverage of property attributes

Precisely’s Property Attributes are lists of property records containing an accurate latitude and longitude for properties from over 3,100 counties across the United States. Property data is used to enrich and provide contextual information about the location of an address.

It provides users with over 190 attributes to analyze a given property, including property assessment data, information about land use, square footage, building materials, year of construction, and more.

More specifically, it contains features in the following categories:

  • Owner and Address Information
  • Physical Property and Location Data
  • Seller and Buyer Information*
  • Legal Description
  • Property Site Characteristics
  • Internal and External Building Characteristics
  • Property Tax and Sale Information
  • Mortgage Information*


*Available for selected products.

Property Attributes for the insurance, real estate,
and telecommunications industries

Better manage risk

  • Establish the amount of coverage needed for the homeowner to be fully protected.
  • Accurately price residential or commercial policies by knowing risk factors within proximity of a specific property.
  • Confirm information such as the number of bedrooms and type of construction.
  • Pre-fill applications with property attributes.

Appraise and value properties more accurately

  • Assess the value of houses and verify the appraisals’ quality.
  • Understand the attributes that impact a property’s value.
  • Create a list of comparable properties easily.

Find serviceable locations

  • Use building and land use characteristics to determine if an address is serviceable.
  • Identify new customers within a serviceable network.
  • Make data-driven decisions about the placement of new 5G services.

Enrich Property Attributes data with Parcel Boundaries

The Property Attributes products are designed to be highly interoperable with the Precisely Parcels Boundaries dataset by providing a unique identifier, enabling streamlined data management. The data enrichment process provides a complete view of a property and is critical to assessing risk and identifying opportunities, regardless of the business application.

Enriching property data with contextual information, such as demographic data, building footprints, and points of interest, also helps to reduce business risk and make confident, data-driven decisions, particularly in the insurance, real estate, and telecommunications industries.

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