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The HERE Routing API is an HTTP JSON REST API that enables route calculation between two or more locations for multiple regions in the world. The HERE Routing API provides users with the ability to specify options that impact the route calculation, as well as to request any additional route-related information to meet their specific requirements.

The HERE Routing API covers the following use cases:

  • Creation of applications that provide turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Specification of different transportation modes, like a car or truck, and the valid routes for that specific type of transportation.
  • Definition of custom penalty parameters to determine the road attributes to be used in the route calculation, like toll roads, highways, and ferries.
  • Geographical representation of a route with map data
  • Support for fleet tracking applications.
  • Support for navigation and traffic on web portals and mobile devices.
  • Support for freight and vehicle exchange portals.

Benefits of HERE Routing

Dynamic ETAs

Obtain accurate ETAs with routing algorithms that use rich map datasets and dynamically updated information.

Advanced routing

Tackle complex real-world use cases without any additional coding.

Localized API

Get routing instructions in 108 languages for different travel modes, including car, foot, bicycle, motorcycle, and public transportation.

Functionalities of HERE Routing

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