How to Create an Effective EV Strategy

Etienne Lincourt 

Site Analytics Expert

August 23, 2023

We find ourselves amidst one of the most significant energy transitions in history. The growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers and the expansion of charger networks across numerous countries are proof of this. In addition, governments are incentivizing greater EV adoption while imposing stricter regulations on internal combustion engine vehicles. An EV charger strategy is therefore essential if you want to take advantage of this transformation.

So let’s discuss the main points regarding an EV strategy:

Why should you consider an EV charging strategy?

Consider the United States, where the EV fleet is anticipated to expand from its current count of under 3 million to more than 48 million by 2030. In light of these developments, developing an effective EV charger strategy becomes crucial to meet this growing demand and capitalize on the opportunity.

On average, EV drivers spend around 1 dollar per minute at local establishments while recharging. By combining the minimal cost of electricity with an effective EV charging marketing strategy, it’s possible to attract drivers and establish a news revenue stream.

Furthermore, public chargers serve as a valuable amenity for travelers and daily commuters. Introducing this service to your business can serve as an effective strategy for fostering customer loyalty.

Who would benefit from an EV strategy?

Nearly every business can benefit from an efficient EV strategy, whether you own an EV charging network, gas stations, convenience stores, or retail stores. As a matter of fact, EV drivers spend considerably more time than non-EV drivers in stores or restaurants while charging, so no matter your offer, you’re bound to benefit.

Why is the site location of electric vehicle important?

In a span of seven years, it is projected that approximately 30 million chargers will be in demand to meet the electricity requirements for charging EVs on the road. This presents a promising market opportunity.

To ensure maximum profitability, it’s important to identify optimal locations for EV charging stations nationwide. This can only be achieve with the help of location technology and data.

Where is the right place to place chargers?

By combining location data such as points of interest, vehicle traffic and income rate with a geospatial analytics tool, it’s possible to perform site analysis and evaluate each location’s potential.

To select the appropriate charging rate, and forecast the potential efficiency of a prospective EV charger, it is crucial to formulate a precise geospatial data model. This model must encompass a multitude of hyperlocal and current data markers sourced from reliable and authoritative data sources.

With our site analysis expertise, Korem can help you develop an effective EV infrastructure strategy through location data and site analytics that will assist in complying with regulations and meeting increasing customer demand.

When is the right time to start the EV adoption?


The energy transition is underway and will accelerate exponentially. Within this transformation, numerous opportunities are emerging. Those who dedicate their time and effort to a strategy based on data-driven insights will witness positive outcomes in their network or business right from the outset. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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