How to Select the Best GIS Software for Your Needs? 

July 2, 2024

How to Select the Best GIS Software for Your Needs? 

How to choose the best GIS software on the market?The task is complex because a wide range of geographic information systems is now available, with free trials and a variety of subscription models. You can find countless shortlists listing hundreds of popular GIS software and API building blocks. Moreover, GIS mapping is only the first technical concern in a multilayered project where data management and organizational factors play an even more important part. Yet, you still need to lay solid technical foundations. So here are Korem’s tips to select the best GIS software, based on our expertise as a one-stop-shop that specializes in geospatial technologies since 1993.  

How to Choose the Best GIS Software?  

GIS platforms can be complicated to use, and it can involve a steep learning curve to master GIS tools. Both factors impact user adoption, and in the long run, the ROI of a GIS project. That is why focusing on your needs helps you choose the best GIS software for you, with the most relevant features. 

The three main features in a GIS platform are visualizing, analyzing and operationalizing location-based or geospatial data. GIS vendors offer different breadth and depth of features around those core needs.  

Map-based visualization is the foundation of a complete GIS platform. Multiple data layering is also used to display complex geolocation data and enable drill-down analysis. Then, depending on your project, you could need basic or more advanced styling options and filters.  

Analyzing your geospatial data to support strategic decision-making also requires different features for specific scenarios. For instance, in territory management, companies can analyze and prioritize sales for different geographic zones. It is also possible to analyze groups in a dataset, also called clusters, to identify hot-spots or cold spots. Other interesting GIS analysis scenarios, among many, include the selection of a new location for a store or warehouse.  

Finally, operationalizing data in a GIS means using the geographic data to improve the efficiency of business. For instance, in transportation and logistics with optimized scheduling and routing. Marketing and sales can also leverage geospatial data for personalized campaigns based on the location of customers.  

Depending on your business objectives, and your field, some tools might be more adapted than others. Korem can help you choose between a complete “best-of-suite” software platform, or a “best-of-breed” GIS solution, where you can mix and match several specialized tools and get professional services from our experts.  

Korem’s selection of the best GIS Software

Among the most trusted GIS platforms are Carto Platform (by Carto), MapInfo Pro (by Precisely), Arc GIS (by ESRI) and QGIS (by OS Geo). Korem is the first ever Carto certified partner, globally. We are also a Precisely premier partner for location intelligence solutions, with more than 25 years of partnership. In any case, whatever your preferred GIS software or data format, Korem can advise and support your team throughout its GIS journey. 

Carto Platform is a cloud-native platform that enables to enrich your data and enhance your geospatial analysis. It runs on top of your cloud data warehouse platform, providing easy access to highly scalable spatial analysis and visualization capabilities in the cloud. With Carto, you can access a wide variety of datasets for multiple geospatial use cases, from real estate to telecommunications, insurance, and utilities. More than 12 000 datasets and 100 advanced spatial functions are currently available to enhance your analysis.  

Precisely MapInfo Pro is a desktop-only complete GIS mapping software solution to manage, analyze, visualize and publish location data. We recommend MapInfo Pro for first pilot projects, because of the ease of use and the completeness of this platform. Moreover, its licenses and maintenance fees are adapted for medium-sized projects. MapInfo Pro v2023 also introduces new 3D data visualization tools. 

Why Work With Korem as a GIS Software Provider?  

Because all GIS projects are different, the best GIS software is the one that answers your needs. That is why Korem offers an independent, neutral viewpoint to help its clients select the best tool.  

If you are looking for more than a “One-Size-Fits-all” GIS software, we can build a custom web-based application. Access to the best tools, but most importantly the best IT and data experts. We can build, manage and scale your GIS project, as Korem has the most diversified geospatial expert team in North America, helping you navigate the numerous possibilities of geospatial information solutions. 

We provide strategic consulting services, with both business and technology perspectives. Our contract advisory services negotiate the best terms and prices for you. For data and analytics, we help you increase your data integrity and management capacity. We offer IT system integration services, with our teams of architects, GIS developers, data engineers, DevOps engineers, full-stack developers, QA specialists and project managers. You can even outsource the management of your cloud-based geospatial solutions to our managed services. 

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